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The Bennetts Newsletter!

November 2018 Newsletter. All things Bennetts and coffee...

100 Year Celebrations

In October we celebrated our Centenary hosting many people from across the globe and Australia for our party. We were humbled by the support of the industry and the people who made it possible to reach such a milestone. Photos of the evening will be available in the coming weeks.

We are also very happy to announce the winners of our Brazil Ipanema Origin Trip, with Straight Up Coffee Roasters (Tasmania) taking out the espresso category and Rosso Roasting Co (Victoria) claiming top prize in the Filter division. Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone who entered. We will be advising our feedback from each entry in the coming weeks. 

Update from the Bennetts Team

In October Bennetts welcomed a few new members to the team. We very much look forward to the attributes and strengths they bring to the team.

Adrian DiNicolantonio:

‘I was employed in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry for the past 23 years in various Sales & Management roles both in retail & foodservice markets.

I have always been an advocate for enjoying a good cup of coffee so when the opportunity presented itself to be part of the Bennetts team as the Sales & Operations Manager it was an easy decision to make!

So, the journey now begins on my education of origin & the green bean as well as being part of a highly motivated & passionate team of coffee lovers!’

Email: adrian.d@hab.com.au

Marco Roberti:

‘I am originally from Trieste in Italy and since landing in Australia back in 2013 I have been working in the coffee industry.

I started coffee brewing from a young age with my dear old Bialetti caffettiera. In more recent times Australia’s coffee culture has awoken me to experimenting with different origins from a V60 filter.

Coffee has become my addiction, my passion and a reason to make change. I am glad to be now part of the centenarian Bennetts team as a new account manager and resident traditional Italian coffee drinker.’

Email:  marco.r@hab.com.au

We also say goodbye to two of our team members, Michael and Nick who we wish the best for their future endeavours.

The Bennetts team are looking forward to attending the Golden Bean in late November. We are hoping to catch up and celebrate with as many people within the industry as possible.

Also, we wish good luck to team member Harry Ko who will be competing in the Brewers Cup Western Region this coming weekend.

A Word from the Ipanema Cru

‘From the second we stepped into Australia we was impressed as to how similar it looked to Brazil. Great weather, rich and beautiful nature, beaches, animals (the imposing Kangaroos and sleepy Koalas) etc. Yet what really made us feel at home was the warmth of people and how friendly they were.

I must thank everyone from Bennetts for their time, the amazing reception they showed and the impeccable job in organising all of the cupping sessions, visits and centenary party. Also, I must say to all of the good fellows we met along the way. We could feel the passion you have for the business and the personal touch to every detail that makes each one of you unique!

Nonetheless, to have the chance to go abroad and get to know the other side of the supply chain is imperative if one wants to increase their knowledge about this passionate industry.  At the end, what is most important is to build long lasting and trustworthy relationships for what connects us: Coffee!’

Bruno Rodrigues – Ipanema Coffees

Bennetts and the Sunshine State

Over the last month and a half, you may have noticed we hosted two industry nights in Brisbane. Brisbane was chosen for a few reasons, one of them being geographical convenience, allowing northern NSW and the greater Gold Coast to attend as well as the northerners from the Sunny Coast and beyond.

Most recently we were privileged to have the crew from Ipanema come to Brisbane to showcase their latest fresh crop Premier Cru microlots and demonstrate what time, investment, passion, progressive forward thinking and entrepreneurial spirit can achieve. (contact us for more info – exclusive, unique microlots available early 2019).

What is absolutely evident as a result of these events is the passion and yearning for information from those in our industry, the collaborative culture that has developed in an increasingly developing state and the need for us (and anyone else in a similar position) to continue to venture beyond our current domestic boundaries and share what knowledge we have access to (and may take for granted) to continue the evolution of this industry of ours.

We are looking forward to hosting many more events in future and hope to see you there. If you do reside in Queensland and weren’t already aware, we have a team member permanently based in Brisbane. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or to book in a visit if you haven’t already done so.

Email: kahlid@hab.com.au  

A Word from the QA Lab

It has been a hectic few weeks in the QA room with lots of exciting visitors cupping with us!

A favorite on the table lately has been the FLO-Fairtrade Organic Colombian Excelso (ASOTBILBAO). Sweet inky cup with berry fruits and acidity.

The Asociación de Tecnólogos y Productores Agropecuarios de Bilbao (ASOTBILBAO) coop was founded in October 2010, originally by 35 members who graduated from SENA – Colombia’s Higher Education National Service. They wanted to serve as a bridge between the Governmental institutions and coffee producers, to enhance coffee quality and productivity. Currently, ASOTBILBAO has 38 active members from different areas of Bilbao, Municipality of Planadas in South Tolima.  They pride themselves on their organisational skills, their high cup scores and their Organic and Fair-Trade certifications.

We think this coffee would be berry, berry nice as either a blender or single origin.


Enjoy the Month of November!


The Bennetts Team

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