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The Bennetts Monthly January '19

All things Bennetts & Coffee...

As 2019 commences, the Bennetts team thanks all of its customers, friends & family for making 2018 such an outstanding year especially as we celebrated our 100 years in business. As the new year is now upon us the Bennetts team is excited and prepared to provide our great customer service and high-quality coffee & tea products to our customers.

Watch out for a Bennetts team member coming out to visit you!


UTZ and Rainforest Alliance joining forces

Are you a link in the coffee supply chain?
Is traceability important to you?
What can we do to support and promote sustainability in the coffee industry?

In January 2018, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance merged. The new Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation working in 76 countries to build a future in which farmers, workers, and communities prosper; and sustainable land use and responsible business practices are the norm. The programs enable farmers to grow better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities for their workers and families while safeguarding the environment.

Join us to learn more about how the merger of UTZ and Rainforest Alliance builds on their existing strengths to achieve greater social, environmental and economic impact in the coffee supply chain; to address the critical challenges facing our world today. We envision a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

What does this mean for the farmer and what does this mean for you?

Special guest speakers, Melanie Mokken the Markets Officer for Australia-New Zealand and international UTZ/Rainforest Alliance Country Directors, Mariana Barbosa (Brazil) and Mauricio Galindo (Colombia).

Join us for an engaging informative session by UTZ/Rainforest Alliance Australia with delicious coffee inspired cocktails. Spaces are limited. Doors open at 5pm. RSVP only event, get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/utz-and-rainforest-alliance-joining-forces-tickets-54842052054


The Coffee Industry - Focus on Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s latest harvest report from Icafe (the national coffee industry body) would seem to indicate the 2018/19 season will result in the lowest harvest on record in terms of overall volume. Icafe’s latest estimate shows an expected harvest size of roughly 1,223,078 69kg sacks which amounts to a 9% year on year drop.

Icafe ascribes the decrease in the harvest size to lower production in the main producing regions of West Valley and Tarrazu, which are expected to be down 62,000 and 44,500 69kg sacks respectively. The main reasons behind WV’s lower production were high rainfall and strong winds, as well as poor fruit setting, while Tarrazu’s shortfall is due to the region going into an off-cycle production year.

All in all, prices for Costa Rican coffees, which were already holding quite firm in the face of the lower global coffee market scenario, are now not expected to ease any time soon as exporters will increasingly struggle to cover their short positions.


World Market Update

The 2018/19 coffee year is set to end in surplus for a second consecutive year. With global production estimated at 167.47 million 60kg bags and consumption trailing at 165.18 million bags, the surplus is projected to reach 2.29 million sacks. International coffee prices therefore continue to struggle to generate any upward momentum as a result of this.


Upcoming Origin Trips

This year we are planning several origin trips sourcing the coffees you know and love. First cab off the rank, Scott and Oliver are off to India at the end this month. Visiting Kelagur Heights Coffee and Tea Estates which have been owned by the Mathias Family for the past four generations. Located in the first range of the Western Ghats in the Chikmagular District of Karnataka State, India, it is spread over 120 hectares.

For the first quarter, we have plans to visit Ethiopian and Kenya later in February, as well as Central America in March.   


A Word from the QA Lab

Bad weather and low volumes were the culprit for the general poor quality in Indonesia last year. However, it seems that things have turned around this season and we have had some cracking Sumatran Pre Shipment Samples in the cupping room this week. We are looking forward to some juicy, spicy, bright blackcurrant cups, with their typical long heavy texture. These new season Sumatrans can be expected to land in Melbourne from mid-February onwards.

We have recently landed some amazing Rwandan microlots including two naturals. Get in touch with your account manager to arrange some samples. The Kayumbu Natural is cupping with a dry fragrance of blackberry and wine. Cups with sweet cooked stone fruit and berry fruits throughout. Full heavy body and tart stone fruit acidity. Peach tea lingers on the finish. Scoring 87.5 this lot is seriously delicious.




Shipping update:

In Brazil, the Port of Santos is still congested but exports have started to flow since the Christmas period. Space is still limited as it has been in the past few months. This is largely attributed to the lack of food grade containers available and agricultural exports reaching record highs. Bookings in advance are highly recommended to ensure space on targeted vessels.

Hope you’re enjoying January. We’re looking forward to a busy start to 2019!  


The Bennetts Team

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