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The latest news and views from the Bennetts team

Featuring the latest news on the coffee industry and business insight from senior members of the Bennetts team.

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Acid Basics

There are many types of acids contained in the coffee bean, and just as many factors that determine the strength and composition of those acids. Here we look at just a few of the more common organic acids and their characteristics in the roasted product.

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Cup with Bennetts

Bennetts are hosting a cupping night at the Kew Court House on Thursday 24 July at 6pm.

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SCAA 2014

Last month Scott, Guy and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2014 Specialty Coffee Association of America ‘Event’.

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Touring Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company

In conjunction with the annual SCAA 2014 Event in April this year, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company (SWDCC) invited its customers to tour their global decaffeination facility in Vancouver, Canada.

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On the Cupping Bench

Cupping is an integral aspect of our business and part of our daily routine in the Bennetts office. We are cupping coffee every day - if not twice a day, and we evaluate every sample that comes through the door.

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