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RFA - Brazil Ipanema™ Premier Cru - Grano Segreto B19 Citric Fruits - Natural - (10Kg)

RegionSerra de Mantiqueira Mountains
Screen Size15
Process MethodNatural
Packaging Vacuum Packed Cartons
Tasting NotesCups with lemon and green apple notes through a silky body. Milk chocolate and nuts give way to a delicate jasmine green tea finish.
Optimal RoastWe recommend opening this vacuum pack 72 hours prior to roasting to allow the green beans to acclimatise and 'breathe'.
Cupping ScoreInternal Score: 84.5
Additional Information
Rainforest Alliance - Brazil Ipanema™ Premier Cru - (Fazenda Rio Verde) - Grano Segreto B19 Citric Fruits - Screen 15+ - Yellow Bourbon Natural Tree Dried Arabica

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