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The latest news and views from the Bennetts team

Featuring the latest news on the coffee industry and business insight from senior members of the Bennetts team.

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Snapshot from Origin: Brazil

Last month, Scott and Georgia visited the worlds largest producing origin; Brazil. They visited exporters and farmers to see how the 2017 harvest was progressing.

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Origin Trip Report: Ethiopia December 2015

A trip to Ethiopia is high on any coffee aficionado’s bucket list and as a first trip to origin (my apologies to Far North Queensland) there is no better.

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Meet the Producer: Rocel Romero Rafael

Our Project 121 microlots from Sol y Café Cooperative are due to land this month and will be a great way to kick off the New Year.

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#BennettsOnTour in Peru

Our self-titled #CaffeIndianaJones Alex has just returned from Peru after spending a week touring around the origin visiting producers. Whilst travelling he kept us up-to-date with photos and snippets on Twitter.

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Sri Lanka Origin Trip

A short while ago Scott and I went to the beautiful country of Sri Lanka to meet with our tea supplier and visit tea growing regions.

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#BennettsOnTour in Sri Lanka

Scott and Lorna have recently returned from visiting some of our tea partners in Sri Lanka. Whilst travelling they kept us up-to-date with photos and snippets on Twitter and Instagram.

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SCAA 2014

Last month Scott, Guy and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2014 Specialty Coffee Association of America ‘Event’.

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Touring Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company

In conjunction with the annual SCAA 2014 Event in April this year, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company (SWDCC) invited its customers to tour their global decaffeination facility in Vancouver, Canada.

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The Nyeri Situation: An Update from Ground Zero

Bennetts were fortunate enough to visit Kenya and Ethiopia earlier this year to spend time with our suppliers, cupping and planning for the upcoming season. Whilst in Kenya we were keen to gauge a further understanding of the continuing situation in Nyeri.

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Visiting the Birthplace of Coffee

Upon his return from touring East Africa earlier this year, Scott offers his thoughts on the progression and development of the birthplace of coffee since his last visit in 2010.

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India Origin Trip

Recently I was fortunate to be in a position to travel to India on behalf of Bennetts and visit some plantations that we purchase our coffees from as well as the dry mill that processes these coffees.

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